Acts and explanatory notes

Act on Hydrocarbon Activities 16 March 1998 (122kb)
This Act regulates all phases of hydrocarbon activities from prospecting surveys to decommissioning.

Explanatory notes to the Act on Hydrocarbon Activities (329kb)

Hydrocarbon Tax Act 21 April 1999 (24kb)

Hydrocarbon Tax Administration Act 14 February 2000 (25kb)

Special Tax Act 7 March 2000 (77kb)

Full text of Parliamentary Bill 72/2016

Parliamentary Act on the Fifth Licensing Round for exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons

Executive Orders

Executive Order on geological and geophysical matters in connection with approval of deep drilling 20 November 2003 (97kb)

Executive Order on HSE during the exploration phase of the hydrocarbon activities 8 March 2001 (61kb)

Executive Order on reimbursement of expenses in connection with hydrocarbon activities 8 March 2001 (5kb)

Guidelines to submission of data and samples to Jarðfeingi – April 2010

Guidelines for submission of data (1.07mb)