On June 21 2017 Jarðfeingi hosted a ONE-DAY Conference in London for invited guests within the oil industry. The event was held in London, as many of the oil-companies are located there. Several oil companies attended and showed interest for the 4th Faroese Licensing Round. 
The Ambassador for the Faroe Islands Áki Johansen welcomed the guests. Then the Director of Jarðfeingi Niels Christian Nolsøe talked about the aim of the ONE-DAY Conference, the 4 Licensing Round and the oil industry in the Faroe Islands as a whole. After this there where several presentations from geologist at Jarðfeingi and collaborators based on the newest results from the Faroese area and other analogues around the world –  knowledge that sheds new light on the Faroese continental shelf and which Jarðfeingi hopes will get interest from the oil companies and further lead to applications for licenses in the Faroes area. 
The main goal of the presentations was to show that with the new insights it is worth investing in the oil exploration in the Faroe Islands, as the new knowledge shows that there are potentially several large oil- and gas-reserves to be found on the Faroese continental shelf.