The cover story in the latest edition of GEOExPro (2017 – Vol. 14, no. 6), Faroe Islands – Europe’s Best Kept Secret, is written by physical geographer, Lis Mortensen, Jarðfeingi (Faroese Geological Survey).

GEOExPro is a world-known popular upstream oil and gas industry-science magazine covering a wide range of geological and other subjects.

The article describes the Faroe Islands as an attractive GEOTOURISM destination for geology enthusiasts.

The cover illustration showing the vertical coastal cliff in front of the islands’ largest lake, Leitisvatn, is taken by William Anderson on behalf of Visitfaroeislands.

Jarðfeingi had its first article in GEOExPro last year: The Faroe Islands – a new beginning. It can be read here.

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