Jarðfeingi is part of the Edu-Arctic project and on 4 January 2018, it had an event for teachers from the Faroese primary and secondary schools, informing them about the opportunities in the project.

About 25 teachers from Tórshavn, Klaksvík, Kambsdalur and Runavík participated.

The Edu-Arctic project includes online lessons covering a wide range of research topics of which some are held in the Faroe Islands.

Another possibility in the Edu-Arctic project is to participate in the Arctic Competition where the assignment is to deliver a research or an innovative project. In this competition, youths from the Faroe Islands can participate with others from all over the world. The six chosen conquerors will win an expedition to either Svalbard or Northern Norway this summer.

The deadline for delivering a summary of their projects was Friday 19 January.

Edu-Arctic is an EU project, which will continue until April 2019.

Read more about the project here.