Terms and Conditions
The terms for licenses applied for and awarded under the open door regime, are subject to the same terms and conditions which were passed in parliament for the previous round. This means that the current terms and conditions, for licenses awarded under the open door regime, are the same as for the last licensing round.

– Individual companies or license groups can submit an application to Jarðfeingi at any time.
– Jarðfeingi will then advertise that an area has been applied for.
– Three months later the application will be evaluated.
– If there are compeeting bids, then the best bid will be awarded the license, provided that the proposed workprogram is sound.
– If there are no compeeting bids, then the license will be awarded to the sole bidder, provided that the proposed workprogramme is sound.

The applications shall be submitted to:
The email address: application@jf.fo

Guides for Applications for Exploration and Production Licences in The Faroese Area