The fourth Faroese Licensing Round for Hydrocarbon Exploration was officially opened on May 17 2017 and closed on February 17 2018. Jarðfeingi received one application for exploration on the Faroese Continental shelf (see newsletter).

Jarðfeingi has re-interpreted all existing data to get a better understanding of the geological progress of the Faroese area. This new work has been presented at several Exhibitions and Conferences for the last two years. Additionally Jarðfeingi has been the host of two large events in London where oil companies interested in Exploration on the Faroese Continental Shelf where invited.

You are always welcome to contact us for any information regarding future Exploration on the Faroese Continental Shelf (

The Natonal data repository

For the time being a total of 9 exploration wells, three onshore scientific boreholes and more than 150 cored shallow boreholes are available in the Faroese area. Additionally a total of 50.000 km of speculative 2D seismic data and 8000 km2 3D speculative seismic data is stored by the office, as well as proprietary seismic data. (Go to data)

Gravity and magnetic data can be obtained by contacting Getech.

During the Round

The Faroese Licensing Round 2017, opened on May 17 2017 and closed on 17 February 2018.

  • Data room was open
  • Core viewing room at Jarðfeingi on the Faroe Islands
  • Jarðfeingi visited conferences around the world.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email (


Total depth from 9 drilled wells

Well 6004/12-1 (Svínoy): TD 4288 m
Well 6004/16-1 (Marjun): TD 4246 m
Well 6005/15-1 (Longan): TD 4000 m
Well 6004/17-1 (Marimas): TD 3797 m
Well 6005/13-1 (William): TD 3351 m
Well 6004/8a-1 (Anne-Marie): TD 3901 m
Well 6104/21-1: (Brugdan): TD 4201 m
Well 6104/21-2 T2: (Brugdan II): TD 4510 m
Well 6104/25-1: (Súla/Stelkur): TD 3015 m