Jarðfeingi participates in two projects, GeoVR and GEOmuseum, that will describe selected geo-sites as part of the North Atlantic geological heritage. I these two projects geo-sites will be selected by partners from Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Norway.

The purpose of the projects is to disseminate the geological heritage from the selected geo-sites in the four countries to schools and all interested visitors.

The project GeoVR uses 3D Virtual Reality technology to tell the stories about geologically interested places. In the Faroe Islands places from Suðuroy will be selected as part of preparations for a geopark in the Faroe Islands. The technology is described in this video:

The project GEOmuseum will build exhibitions in the four participating countries about the geological development in the North Atlantic region from Greenland to Iceland, Faroe Islands and Norway. The 3-D technology will be part of the exhibition. The projects GeoVR and GEOmuseum started in August and will continue at this stage for one year. The projects are funded by NORA and Nordisk Kulturfond.